Bubble.io Tips - 2

5 tips to enhance your expertise as Bubble.io Developer

Bubble.io Tips - 2

1 . How do you load content on the page before the page loads?

Content in the custom header loads before the content of the page loads. Through custom headers, you can ensure the content is loaded before the page is loaded and rendered. You can load Meta Tags, Link to External CSS, Link to External JavaScript Libraries and Third-party Integrations which require code snippets to be placed in the head via a custom header before the page is loaded.
All the script and meta tags placed in the header will be inserted between the <head> tags on every page of your app

2 . What Should be the format of a favicon?

a favicon is a short form of "favourite icon". It is a small image that represents your app. One can see the favicon in the browser tab next to the title of the page, and it also often appears in bookmarks, browser history, and on shortcuts if you save a website to your home screen on a mobile device.
The format of the favicon should be PNG or JPG format as all browsers do not support SVG.
The favicon should be a square image.

3. Fixed and Align to Parent containers vs Row and Column containers

Fixed and Align to Parent containers sort their children by ascending z-index. if I am reordering any element within a Fixed or Align to Parent container, it will change the z-index.

Row and Column containers sort their children in ascending order. If I am reordering any element within a Row or Column container, it will change the order of an element.

What is Z-index in bubble.io?

"z-index is the property of CSS that controls the stacking order of overlapping elements on a page. An element with a higher z-index value will appear before an element with a lower z-index value." If the x-axis goes left-to-right and the y-axis goes top-to-bottom, the z-axis adds the dimension of “toward” and “away from” the user.
(Reference: https://blog.hubspot.com/website/z-index#:~:text=What%20is%20z%2Dindex%3F,elements%20along%20the%20z%2Daxis.)

4. Approach to set up Privacy Rules

Privacy Rules are not about restricting access to the data for users. Think of it as deciding to whom you provide data access. First, Don't grant access to anyone for anything. Then start granting access to the selective users via setting up privacy rules.

When should I start setting up Privacy Rules?

Don't set up privacy rules after the app is completed or in the last phase. Set up privacy rules instantly after creating the data type and its fields so you can check at the time of development whether privacy rules are set up properly or not to meet the desired output of Data access. You will be able to test privacy rules at the same time as testing your functionality.

5. What kind of content is on AWS and What is on the CloudFlare CDN in the context of your bubble.io application?

Content provided by Bubble Engine ( Bubble engine operates the database, generates page HTML and makes server-side calculations) is on AWS and static content such as Bubble's code base and files (images, fonts, uploaded files) is on Cloudflare.