How to use Stripe Payment Intents with Bubble?

How to use Stripe Payment Intents with Bubble?

Payment gateway integration is an integral part of an application. Among the popular payment gateways, Stripe stands out as a preferred platform for Offering a range of features and tools, it enables secure and straightforward payment processing. One of its significant features is the Stripe Payment Intents API, a powerful tool that allows you to manage payment flows in your Bubble applications.

So, what is Stripe Payment Intents API? In simple terms, a Stripe API allows you to handle the entire payment process, from capturing users' payment information and handling errors and disputes. Stripe recommends creating one PaymentIntent for each order or customer session in your system. You can reference the PaymentIntent later to see the history of payment attempts for a particular session. It enables you to control payment authorization, create and capture payments, resolve failed payments, and more. Stripe Payment Intents creates a secure connection between your application and Stripe, allowing the handling of sensitive data without compromising user privacy and security.

The Stripe Payment Intents API offers a seamless and user-friendly payment experience, allowing you to incorporate dynamic authentication. Dynamic authentication enables customers to authenticate payments with their mobile devices, such as facial recognition and fingerprint recognition. This reduces the need for lengthy and complex passwords, thereby streamlining the payment process and providing a convenient and user-friendly experience.

The Stripe Payment Intents API allows granular control over payment authorization and capture. It empowers you to create unique workflows and rules that suit your business needs. For instance, you can specify the length of payment authorization before it expires or how many attempts can be made to capture funds before cancelling the payment. With this level of customization, you can avoid payment errors or fraud and tailor the payment process to your specific business requirements.

Stripe Payment Intents API provides the following endpoints to take different actions for each order or custom session:

You can check endpoints in the documentation.

Integrating Stripe Payment Intents with Bubble applications is easy since Bubble offers seamless integration with Stripe. Through the native API Connector plugin, you can easily create and manage payment objects. To set up Payment Intents in your Bubble application, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Bubble application to Stripe by providing the Stripe API keys in API Connector settings. This allows Bubble to communicate with Stripe and access its features.

  2. Create a new Payment Intent object in your Bubble application by sending a POST request to the Stripe API. You can set the amount, currency, payment method, and other parameters such as customer information and shipping address.

  3. Use Stripe's webhooks to receive updates and notifications about payment status. You can set up a webhook to get notified when a payment is captured, authorized, failed, or disputed.

  4. Create custom workflows in Bubble's workflow editor that interact with the Payment Intent object. For instance, create workflows that display payment confirmation messages when the payment is authorized or that send email notifications to the user when the payment is captured.

  5. Use Bubble's built-in data tools to store and analyze payment data such as transaction history, payment status, and customer information. This data can provide valuable insights into your payment processing performance, helping you identify areas that need improvement and make necessary adjustments.

    In conclusion, Stripe Payment Intents API is a powerful tool that can help you streamline payment processing and enhance the user experience in your Bubble applications. With its ability to handle complex payment workflows, dynamic authentication, and customizable rules, Payment Intents can help you reduce errors and fraud, simplify payment processing, and improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

    By integrating with Bubble's native API Connector and data tools, you can create robust and scalable payment solutions that meet your business needs and exceed your customers' expectations. As a Developer, leveraging Stripe Payment Intents API can help you stay ahead of the competition and provide a seamless payment experience to your customers.